May 24, 2011

Part of the Movement

"We have come to a point where the game concept trumps such insignificant bullet points, and global social connectivity is a given. From a creative standpoint, this is fantastic. Ideas are king once again; the industry feels as vibrant to me as the golden nostalgia years I experienced as a kid growing up through the coin-op and early console eras, except we've finally ditched the nerd-in-basement stigma." - Ryan Seabury, founder of END Games Entertainment

I pulled this little bit from an article I saw on Kotaku today (which I was forwarded to from Joystiq). According to the article, Ryan Seabury recently left NetDevil, the studio behind LEGO Universe.

Why is this significant to THOTH Interactive? Well, it's really about what Ryan's new company is standing for. It's returning to the roots of fresh ideas, and designing game mechanics that connect to the player on a deeper level than just making a toy to sell. I, personally, respect this way of thinking very deeply, and would like to tip my hat to Mr. Seabury on his new venture.

As a new company working on our first official title, we are excited to see this sort of thing happen in the industry. It's a great time to be making games, and we are thrilled to be involved.

May 22, 2011


After doing a few small public playtests some time ago, we found a small list of things that needed to be changed with the game's core gameplay. One of our goals with developing this game is to make it as intuitive as possible to the average player, while also introducing some interesting mechanics that some players wouldn't normally see in a puzzle platformer. This presents a bit of a challenge in both the programming and art departments of developing the game.

Our development has been set back somewhat, and we did get a bit overconfident with our announcement of a public demo. Although our goals and devotion to progress remains the same. We just want this whole thing to meet the standard of quality that we've set for ourselves. Backing down on that isn't really in the cards for us. :)

For anyone following our blog, we want you to know that we appreciate your devotion, and we are looking forward to showing off more as we get it ready for public viewing. Here is a sample of some concept art for some of the collectible equipment we will be having in the game: