February 28, 2011

There is more, I promise!

We've been very busy working on our game lately, so much so that we really haven't found the time to update our developer blog at all. Hopefully we'll have some tech to write about and development stories as well once we pass our March 24th alpha deadline. Here is an animation test for our current game's main character:

Also here is a test animation for a part of our title intro sequence. In the background of this one is also an early draft of some of the game's music, created by our newest team member, Trevor:

This is a tiny drop in the bucket as far as how much we've already got finished. The game is playable, and most of the major gameplay mechanics are fully functional working smoothly in tandem with their animations and visual assets. Our goal with this blog once we hit our alpha phase in development is to create a sort of guide/journal from our experiences as a first time independent game developer.

Any questions can be directed to: info@thothinteractive.com